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Steal the Look:Daisy Jones and The Six

I just finished the 10-episode series, Daisy Jones and the Six which is based on the book by Taylor Jenkins Reid. The series was incredible and I highly regret not reading the book first.

The show is in interview form and documents a band trying to make it big in the 70s. Eventually the band meets Daisy Jones, an aspiring singer/songwriter. They quickly find she greatly enhances singing lead with their frontman, Billy Dunne. Turns out the combination of Daisy and Billy is a volatile one with huge egos and forbidden attraction.

While it was never confirmed, the story line seems like a loose comparison to Fleetwood Mac. The Stevie Nicks/Lindsey Buckingham similarities are pretty obvious. Daisy definitely has Stevie vibes!

The show has 4 female leads, Daisy Jones, Billy’s wife Camila, Simone, Daisy’s friend and the keyboardist of the band, Karen. All four women have incredibly 70s style that I think translates into a look that can be easily pulled off today.

In this post, I focused on Daisy who is a free spirit, creative, egotistic young woman who, once you get to the soul of the matter, just wants to be accepted, seen and loved. Daisy Jones is played by Riley Keough, the granddaughter of Elvis Presley.

With a killer full album you can listen to on Spotify, the fantastic 70s fashion and decor, incredible acting, in-depth character development and suspenseful story lines, I highly recommend watching Daisy Jones and The Six on Amazon Prime!

Daisy Jones and The Six Style Guide

I’ve rounded up all Amazon Prime items for this “Steal the Look” post. If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes on this blog, you know 70s style is my favorite and this was not a hard post to pull together. In fact, this post is similar to my Stevie Nicks post. I always love a vintage flare to all my personal looks and could care less if something looks costumy or kitschy. After all, life is too short to not dress how you want to dress!

  1. Sunglasses-Nothing says the 70’s quite like a pair of oversized rose colored sunglasses!
  2. Western Black Leather Belt-I shared this belt in my Beth Dutton post, I have a similar one and love how versatile it is. It makes the biggest statement when worn with a boho dress.
  3. Afghan Coat-I have been wanting a coat like this for so long! They are hard to come by and best if you can find them in a thrift shop but this one seems to be decent quality and has a great look. I also found a cheaper version HERE.
  4. Cowboy Boots-In the beginning of the series, Daisy wears several different pairs of cowboy boots with cut off shorts or hot pants. I shared these in the Beth Dutton post as well and have had my eyes on them for a while. A lady I follow on Instagram confirmed they were very comfortable and was even doing yard work in them!
  5. Lace Kimono-Love this full length lace kimono plus it comes in several colors and it can double as a swimsuit coverup!
  6. Lace Vest-This vest gives a very boho look and could be paired with jeans or even a dress.
  7. Sequined Fringe Shawl-This shawl perfectly reflects Daisy’s stage wardrobe and while it’s not really for an everyday, versatile look, it sure would make a statement!
  8. Squash Blossom Necklace and Earrings-I love squash blossom necklaces and this one also comes in turquoise. It’s a great price as well.
  9. White Shirt Dress-A couple times in the series, Daisy wears a men’s shirt as a dress. This one gets good reviews and possibly could be worn in several different ways.
  10. Metal Chain Silver Belt-This belt makes a bold, boho statement and I love it! It’s also only $9!
  11. Tapestry Hobo Bag-I found this slouchy bag and new it was definitely Daisy friendly!
  12. Tie Front Top-Daisy wears several tops that tie in the front. This one seems a little less revealing than most of the ones I found but definitely a pass for me. I wanted to include it anyway.
  13. Cut-Off 501 Levis-Cut off 501s are definitely a staple if you can pull them off.
  14. Turquoise Ring-This is a fake turquoise ring but I’m really tempted to grab it. It’s really pretty and so cheap! Daisy wears quite a few in the show.
  15. Silver Moonstone Ring-Love this moonstone ring. Plus, it comes in several different stones.
  16. Sequined Bell Bottoms-How great are these? Around the holidays I saw several women wearing them and making them modern but I love the vintage look.
  17. Kimono-I shared this kimono in my How to Style Flared Leggings post. It might be the best Amazon find I’ve found in quite a while that is actually very affordable. Have you noticed Amazon’s prices have gone way up lately?
  18. Saddle Bag-Daisy is seen with a bag similar to this one. The flip top and hardware give it a very vintage look.
  19. Gold Hoop Earrings-hoop earrings have passed the test of time that is for sure. Every decade wore them and they are prominent on Daisy. These are stainless steel with a gold over-lay.

This show was so good, I’ll rewatch it. I might even go ahead and read the book too. If you haven’t seen it, you must. It’s well done and easy to follow. If you’re like me and love 70s fashion and rock in roll-you can’t go wrong!

xx, Jenni

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