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Dazed and Confused Outfits (Perfect for Halloween Costumes!)

The cult classic film, Dazed and Confused is a favorite among many of us. With actors like Matthew McConaughey, Parker Posey, Ben Affleck, Milla Jovovich, Joey Lauren Adams and Cole Hauser, you really can’t go wrong! Whether it’s Halloween season and time to pull together a great Halloween costume or you just love the Dazed and Confused 70’s style, I thought I’d make it easy on you and present you with several Dazed and Confused costume ideas and outfit ideas that are easy and quick. In this post, you’ll find your best look from this classic movie! I’ve got every look covered so read on for all the 70’s style inspiration! And who knows, you might find some classic retro treasures in the back of your closet or tucked in the attic! Nothing ever truly stays out of style forever-it all comes back around!


It’s the late 70s and the last day of high school and the seniors are revved up to haze the incoming freshmen. The afternoon kicks off with an air raid from the senior girls and a huge wooden paddle from the senior guys. The incoming freshmen don’t stand a chance! Plans for the first night of summer are being made, parties being planned and beer kegs being acquired. It’s a night where anything could happen. With a variety of characters such as Darla Marks (Parker Posey)-the vicious leader of the senior girls, David Wooderson (Mathew McConaughey)-a laid back 20 something, way too old to be hanging with high school kids and Michelle Burroughs (Milla Jovovich)-a stoned out hippy chic that hangs with the boys and plays guitar, this movie offers fun characters to imitate for one night!

That 70’s Style:

​The 1970s had a distinctive style all it’s own. Whether coming off the anti-war, love and peace movement of the hippies from the 60’s or the glitz and glam of the disco dancing era, the 70s is a mesh of retro style that is easily brought into the style of today.

Key Pieces to Get the Look:

  • Flares-There’s nothing like a pair of bell bottoms to really drive home a truly retro look. Whether your pulling together a costume or include flairs in your everyday style, Free People have the best. Flared leggings are on trend today and THESE are my favorite. Flares are typically very flattering especially when worn with a bit of a platform heel. They tend to elongate the body and slim the hips. Usually flares are high waisted and pair well with a crop top.
  • Rocker T shirts-Graphic tees are a dime a dozen these days and so easy to pair with almost any look.
  • Vintage Blue Jeans-A well worn in pair of blue jeans, especially Levis 501s is a classic staple in any wardrobe.
  • Ruffled Hippy Tops-You can’t have too many feminine, embroidered and/or ruffled tops. These days it’s easy to find them and they pair well tucked into a midi skirt or with jeans or cut offs.
  • Wooden Platform Sandals-whether you opt for the classic Dr. Scholl’s wooden sandals or a tall, chunky leather sandal with a wooden platform, this look is undeniably vintage yet gives a cool vibe worn as an everyday look.
  • Converse-I don’t think these tennis shoes will ever go out of style. Gender neutral, comfortable and colorful, long live Chuck Taylors!

70’s Hair and Makeup:

Hair is typically parted down the middle, long and straight. However, curtain bangs were popular as well as big, feathery hair-think Farrah Fawcett.

Makeup was bold. Big bottom lashes became popular as well as shimmery, pastel colored eye shadow. A winged eye was also still going strong. Overall, a lot of makeup was worn around the eyes and eyeliner was often very heavy. Bronzed cheeks and sheer lips were often worn as well. Brows were thin to medium. Bushy brows didn’t make their way to popularity until the 80’s.

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Senior Girls Air Raid:

The senior girls are mostly wearing knee socks with tennis shoes, shorts and the senior tee. There is one character that does not wear the knee socks or tennis shoes and has her platform sandals on. This costume is easy to recreate and quite affordable. Everything can be found on Amazon and most of us have a pair of cut offs and tennis shoes that would work.

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Fred O’Bannion:

Ben Affleck’s character, Fred O’Bannion is the toughest of the bunch with his large wooden paddle with not-quite bad words and stickers! This look is super easy with denim on denim, a big belt buckle and the paddle which is easily found on Amazon for cheap.

I’m not entirely sure what shoes he wore but boots or Converse would work great.

His hair is brown, semi short yet shaggy and styled forward on his forehead.

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Senior Girls:

The senior girls are the most fun and a lot of what you might buy to complete these looks could be worn again. Flares are an absolute must. I have tried on my fair share of flares and after buying probably 5 pairs from Amazon that all promptly went back the next day, I must say Free People have the best. It’s a bit of a splurge but they are so much more flattering and the quality is there.

Ruffled tops reminiscent of the 60s and hippies are the look as well as Jodi Kramer’s denim on denim look which she also sports in the field party scene near the end of the movie. Even a simple tank top would work as long as you get the pants right.

The girls are sporting a middle part for the most part but there is a lot of variety here so no wig is needed to accomplish the look.

These are easy looks to get right as long as you have the flares and the platform sandals.

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Ron Slater:

Ron Slater, the laid back stoner guy has an easy look with dark green, baggy cargo pants, an easy to find marijuana leaf t-shirt, black converse and a page boy hat backwards. The only issue with this costume is the hair, A black wig or hair extensions is definitely needed to pull this look off.

David Wooderson:

For the David Wooderson costume, I found several Dazed and Confused Halloween costume Ted Nugent Amboy Dukes t shirts on Amazon which is a must if you’ve chosen to be him! Not to mention, his long blonde hair combed forward completes the look. Whether you opt for a wig or already have the hair length and color-you got to get the hair right.

The salmon pink pants are optional-in some scenes and pictures the pants look to be a light tan so that color might be a bit easier to find in your closet.

The black and silver amulet around his neck is easy to recreate and prominent in this look. I love a pair for harness boots for men and women so this item could possibly be used way beyond one costume party. However, plain dark brown boots will work just fine.

Don’t forget to roll up a pack of cigs in your sleeve!

Michelle Burroughs:

Last but not least, hippy chic-Michelle Burroughs, played by Milla Jovovich. I covered her in a previous Halloween costume post but I thought I’d refresh her look here. You can’t have a Dazed and Confused costume party without Michelle. Her look is pretty easy to pull off but once again, flares are 100% a must.

She wears a fringed, brown suede vest, purple tube top and carries around a black guitar. I actually found a very affordable black guitar which would be perfect for this costume.

Her hair is parted down the middle and pulled back on both sides with a braid secured by bobby pins or barrettes. Her hair is long and straight. A lighter would also be a fun prop for this costume if you really want to get into character.

She also is wearing platform wooden sandals.

Her jewelry consists of love beads, a rather large cross necklace and a few random bracelets and rings.

The vest, flares and hair are consistent with her throughout the movie.

Hopefully this is helpful to you if you’re looking for a fun yet easy costume this Halloween season. Or even if you’re going to a 70s party or even a Dazed and Confused party (I threw one of those a few years back). Dazed and Confused is full of fun costumes and cute outfit ideas!

xx, Jenni