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Dainty Jewelry on Amazon

Dainty jewelry is so the rage right now. What I’ve noticed is that the daintier the piece, the higher the price. I’ve been admiring ear huggies and delicate rings from many different brands but passed on purchasing due to the… Read More »Dainty Jewelry on Amazon

Amazon Clutches

Chic Clutches on Amazon!

I love carrying clutches. I’m not sure why but they just bring an otherwise neutral outfit up a few notches.They are ultra feminine and definitely a way to take an outfit from day to night. I’ve combed through Amazon and… Read More »Chic Clutches on Amazon!

Spanx Leggings 3 Ways

Spanx leggings have become incredibly popular lately. However, they are also incredibly expensive!  I will say I got mine on a sale but even at that it was hard to bite the bullet!  I am glad I bought them because… Read More »Spanx Leggings 3 Ways