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Steal The Look: Audrey Hepburn Outfits to ReCreate!

Perhaps one of the most well known style icons ever known is Audrey Hepburn. Her look is considered classic, elegant, sophisticated, simple and tailored. Generations after her prime have drawn inspiration from her classic style and iconic looks. Audrey Hepburn’s outfits were minimalistic yet elevated. Whether watching her on the silver screen or observing her fashion sense in her personal life, Audrey Hepburn’s classic look can be recreated into your own personal style by adding a few specific pieces to your own wardrobe. Audrey was a fashion icon who’s timeless looks will live on inevitably.

From casual outfits to special occasions, Audrey had a distinct look that is still easily and fashionably worn today. From Holly Golightly to Eliza Doolittle, Hepburn’s costumes influenced her sense of style.

Audrey Hepburn was known for classic films such as Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday, Funny Face, My Fair Lady, and Sabrina. However, in the beginning, Audrey had strong aspirations of being a ballet dancer. Interesting fact, she was born in Belgium and had to be hidden away during World War II while aiding the Dutch resistance against the Nazis. While hiding from the Nazis, she would entertain the others in hiding by dancing ballet for them.

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Not long after she began acting in movies, Audrey became close friends with Hubert de Givenchy. Givenchy designed her wardrobe for Love in the Afternoon, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Charade.

Her incredibly brave work with UNICEF set her apart from most Hollywood actresses. She had a bleeding heart for starving children around the world and used her fame to draw attention to the cause.

Audrey Hepburn’s Personal Style:

In every image of Audrey, we see her in very distinct, classic pieces. Whether in her personal style or on film, her style is easily recognizable and easily recreated.

Audrey had a European flair to her look that was prevalent at that time thanks to style icons like Jane Birkin and Bridget Bardot but Audrey’s style tends to be more wholesome and structured. Audrey was in close connection with high fashion and that obviously influenced her everyday style. She was popular at the same time as Marilyn Monroe and in fact, it was Marilyn that Truman Capote, the author of the novella the movie is based on, had in mind for the role of Holly Golightly. What a contrast these two actresses were but what a unique character Audrey brought to the beloved role.

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Audrey Hepburn Outfit Staples:

It’s easy to channel your inner Audrey with a few pieces that are easy to find. Her effortless, timeless style can easily be recreated today without looking corny or kitsch.

  1. Ballet flats are the number 1 must have to capture Audrey’s look. So many include black flats that either were ballet flats or a flat shoe version of a pointy toed heel.
  2. Black turtleneck-This piece was made famous in the café scene in Funny Face. A simple black turtleneck and black capri pants are such a simple outfit yet they make a big impression.
  3. Button down white shirt-Always a staple in many different styles, a white button down shirt can be worn as is or tied around the waist with a midi skirt as seen on Audrey.
  4. Cigarette pants are a flattering pant that Audrey is seen in often. Whether they were black or gingham she would pair a simple top and a flat, feminine shoe. Also known as capri pants, they are a classic style seen in the 50s and 60s.
  5. Black cocktail dress-The famous black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s goes down in history for sure but if you look closely, it is a simple dress that was made special by accessories like a pearl necklace, elbow-length gloves, black sunglasses and a cigarette holder. A little black dress is a must for any wardrobe.
  6. Oversized sunglasses were seen in many scenes in Breakfast at Tiffany’s but also in her daily life. Everyone needs a good pair of oversized glasses!
  7. Midi skirt-Also known as a circle skirt, a mid length skirt can often be seen on Audrey. She often belted them to accentuate her tiny waist.
  8. Silk scarves are a wardrobe staple whether they be worn around her neck or to protect her hair.
  9. Classic trench coat-A trench is a style of coat that NEVER goes out of style. She wore one in her personal life as well as in the movies.
  10. Black loafers were another classic shoe Audrey wore as part of an all black ensemble.
  11. Striped shirt-Audrey was seen in many striped tops and sweaters. A striped top is a french staple that never gets old. She would often pair them with capri pants.
  12. Plaid shirts were often worn by crossing them over to take the bulk out with the collar flipped up.

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I have pulled 20 pieces from Amazon to help you channel your inner Audrey. From Peter Pan collars to boatneck tops, creating Audrey Hepburn outfits that you can wear today is so easy!

  1. Trench Coat
  2. Black Cigarette Pants
  3. Black and White Gingham Capris
  4. Ankle Skinny Jeans
  5. Peter Pan Neck Wool Coat
  6. Midi Skirt w/ Belt
  7. Silk Scarf
  8. Silk Scarf
  9. Black Loafers
  10. Midi Boatneck Dress
  11. Green Silk Scarf
  12. Pointed Toe Flats
  13. Red Cardigan
  14. Black Oversized Sunglasses
  15. Ballet Flats
  16. Black Turtleneck
  17. White Button-down Shirt
  18. Striped Boatneck Top
  19. Striped Button-down Shirt
  20. Black Pencil Dress



Audrey Hepburn is a style icon worthy of imitation. With her gorgeous doe eyes and slim figure, she embodied elegance and femininity. Her look, while simple and often understated has passed the test of time and is copied over and over. I hope you’ve found inspiration on how to personalize the Audrey Hepburn style!

xx, Jenni