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The Craft Outfits: 90’s, Goth & Witchy!

Looking for clever homemade Halloween costumes? Or maybe just searching for last-minute costume ideas that are easy to pull together? I’ve got the perfect idea….The 1996 cult classic movie, The Craft gave us quite the spin on the typical black pointy hat, broom stick flying witches! Today I’ve got every base covered for the perfect witch costumes from the movie. This post will make it easy (and affordable) to dress up like Nancy or Sarah from the Craft this spooky season! No warts necessary!

Not only is The Craft the quintessential teen scream movie even us 40 somethings must watch every Halloween, it also provides us with a bevy of awesome 90’s fashion! The Craft outfits have a touch of grunge, a pinch of goth and a sprinkle of teen spirit I personally could incorporate in not just a Halloween costume!

Whether you’re ready to pull out your inner spell casting goth or want to incorporate this look for your personal style, this post is for you.

The Craft came out the year I graduated high school and was and still is one of my favorite Halloween movies! I probably liked it a bit too much and have seen it countless times. In fact, I own the DVD and the soundtrack! Being a teenage girl in the 90’s, I found turning the characters of this movie into Halloween costumes was actually super easy and will be such a fun costume to wear!

Not only are the Craft outfits a fun way to incorporate a classic plaid, pleated skirt, you also get to sport the 90’s and the goth style on top of that! I don’t know about you but I hear my alter ego calling!

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“You girls watch out for those weirdos.”

​“We are the weirdos, mister.”

The Craft Synopsis:

The Craft is about 3 teen girls who practice witchcraft. Bonnie Harper (Neve Campbell), Nancy Downs (Fairuza Balk) and Rochelle Zimmerman (Rachel True) are looking for the 4th member of their coven so they can “call the corners” and evoke the supernatural powers of Manon, the divine patron of witches. Enter the new girl, Sarah Bailey (Robin Tunney) who turns out to be the perfect addition. Sarah is actually a powerful witch but doesn’t know it until she begins casting spells with the other girls.  It’s not long before things go south and Sarah has to protect herself from a horrifying curse.

The Craft outfits are playful and fun with a dark twist. Plus, they are super easy to pull together in a pinch. Some of the pieces can be worn in your regular wardrobe and the rest won’t break the bank and can easily be found on Amazon. These diy costumes are lots of fun yet even though you are dressing up like a teenage girl, won’t be too revealing.

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The Craft’s characters are perfect for Halloween costumes because the 4 characters go to a private Catholic school and wear a “uniform”. Who doesn’t love a Catholic school uniform? I’m talking a lot of plaid on everyone. What fun is it that these characters make the school uniform their own by adding their individual style to the traditional green and blue plaid pleated skirt!?

The Craft Outfit Staples:

For those interested in incorporating The Craft style into your everyday look, below are several items that pull together the grunge, goth, witchy elements of the style. Sprinkle these items into your wardrobe and you’ve got a whole new vibe that’s perfect for the fall season! You don’t have to look like a Catholic school girl to pull off this look.

  • ​Tartan Skirt
  • Chunky Penny Loafers
  • Tights or High Socks
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Cross Jewelry
  • Black Moto Jacket
  • Combat Boots/Doc Martens
  • Round Sunglasses
  • Black Clothing
  • Black Nail Polish
  • Studded Choker

“Understand this: whatever you send out, you get back times three.” 

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Nancy Downs Outfit:

Nancy is the most goth of the group. She’s wild, cocky and troubled. She lives in a trailer park and is raised by an alcoholic mother and creepy stepdad. She’s fiercely protective of her friends and not scared to use her powers for revenge. She is definitely the alpha of the group.

She famously sports pointy, lace up black boots, rosaries as jewelry and all black clothing. Several staples of Nancy’s look is a studded choker necklacecross earrings and that spikey, disheveled black hair. Don’t forget the nose ring!

For Nancy I would pile on a lot of jewelry. As I stated, she wore lots of crosses so I found a pack of rosaries that could be worn as necklaces and even wrapped around the wrist as bracelets. And for the record-I am not Catholic but would never want to disrespect an important religious symbol. I’m a Christian and proudly wear a cross so I wouldn’t feel in the wrong wearing a rosary but it’s a personal choice.

The lace up black boots are also a staple for Nancy but I think black combat boots would suffice.

There were loads of green and blue plaid pleated skirts on Amazon so finding a skirt won’t be tricky.

Nancy wears a thin white blouse with buttons and a v-neck but I she also wears a white button-down shirt as well. There are so many different tops you could wear with the plaid skirt that would still make it obvious who you were. I don’t think the top you choose is the important part of this costume.

Adding a moto jacket would be a nice addition. However, Nancy wears a PVC coat LIKE THIS in the movie rather than leather.

Nancy’s makeup is very dramatic with white foundation, dark lips and lots of eye liner and mascara for her eye makeup.

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Sarah Bailey Outfit:

Sarah is the new girl who quickly becomes one of the coven members since she is actually a natural witch. She is less dark in character than the rest of the girls and in the beginning of the movie she’s just trying to find her place. While she wears normal clothing during the majority of the movie, Sarah does sport some outfits that look witchy.

The main look Sarah is known for is of course, the plaid skirt, baby doll graphic tee, black tights, chunky shoes and a menswear vest. All of these items are easy to wear and find.

I won’t spoil it but at the end of the movie there are quite a lot of snakes and bugs having to do with Sarah and her powers. As an optional prop, rubber snakes and bugs could be incorporated as part of Sarah’s costume all-though, I don’t think it’s necessary. In researching this post, I learned that the bugs and snakes were real in the movie!

Sarah’s hair is famously thick and voluminous with thick layers. She often pulls a few strands back away from her face.

Her makeup is light and somewhat natural.

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If you’re dressing up with a group of girls, this would be a fun group costume if there are 4 of you.

A few fun facts about the movie is that they hired a real witch to consult the director and actors in order to make the witchcraft in the movie more realistic.

Funny enough, Despite The Craft hitting the box office at number 1 the opening weekend and going on to become a mega cult classic, the movie got 2 thumbs down from critics Siskel and Ebert!

You might have heard a sequel of The Craft came out in 2020 and surprisingly, it is a sequel worth watching if you liked the original movie.

I’ve got a lot of Halloween costume posts and Sarah and Nancy from The Craft are two of my favorite costumes I’ve written about so far. It’s nice to be a little (or a lot) dark on Halloween rather than going as a normal character. These girls are easy to imitate and a great way to have some playful fun and maybe a little imaginative play for this year’s Halloween party!

xx, Jenni