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Bedroom Refresh Plans…

We’re in the midst of installing new floors throughout the house (thanks to a faulty ice maker valve that flooded the entire house) and I’m getting excited and inspired to refresh our master bedroom! When I decide a room needs a facelift, I like to create a collage to help me visualize the pieces that look right together. I did this HERE in my daughter’s room as well as HERE for the garage conversion.

The bedroom has navy blue walls and dark wood floors. It’s definitely time to purchase a new comforter as well as new curtains. I already have the dresser and matching side tables which I highly recommend but I do not have the bed, rug, chair or sconces. I’ve got to say-the bed is so affordable and incredibly chic and that rug is stunning(and affordable, of course)!

The art above the bed is similar to what is there now. I enjoy creating abstract art but do not call myself an artist-I just don’t get caught up in any preconceived notion of what the art will look like when finished and whatever happens, as long as I choose the right colors, I’m typically happy with! It’s a hell of a lot cheaper then purchasing art and while it might seem a bit narcissistic to create my own art-it is my home that I decorate as an extension of myself.

I hope you enjoy! There’s nothing like giving your home a little refresh-especially at the change of the season!

xx, Jenni

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