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The Best (& most affordable) Indoor Planters!

Planter roundupIt’s no secret I LOVE plants!  I can’t get enough and am finding that the best way to keep healthy plants is to keep them in their original pot that they come in and simply place them in a planter.  This way you can easily remove them to water or place a plastic saucer in the bottom of the planter.  I find that when you repot a plant in a nice planter, often times there is not enough drainage and the plant seems to get bugs more easily.  Not to mention, when dealing with larger plants and planters, if you need to move a plant to a different spot or outside, it’s back breaking.  So today I’m rounding up my favorite planters that won’t break the bank!

Most of the posts I’ve rounded up I own so I can personally vouch for them!

  1. Set of 3 Planters and Stands– I have one of these and can say they are amazing quality!  They have drainage holes and a saucer and are shallow which works great for succulents.
  2. Large table top Planter & Stand-This is from the same retailer as #1 and is the same amazing quality.  It doesn’t have a saucer but there is a drainage hole.  It’s modern and a cactus garden looks great in it!
  3. Set of 2 Blue & White Planters-I love how cute these are!
  4. Oblong White Planter-Perfect for a window sill full of succulents!  Has a removable tray with 2 drainage holes.
  5. White Planters-I have the large one and it is amazing.  It looks great with a tall skinny tree!  These are high quality and come in all different sizes!
  6. White Metal Planter-These come in several different colors and are a great price.  There’s even a baby pink!
  7. Plant Stand and Pot-This item I do not have but it looks very similar to a much more expensive version from West Elm.  It gets great reviews as well.  It will be my next purchase!
  8. Black & White Basket-Baskets are very affordable planters.  This one is sturdy and very cheap.
  9. Basket-I have this basket and love the woven look of it.  It’s sturdy and affordable for a decent size plant.
  10. Basket-I have this basket and while it’s small, I was able to fit a saucer and plant and it looks great.
  11. Large Pink Planter-This planter is sturdy and very affordable, not to mention the colors!  Plus it comes in green!
  12. Plant stand w/ Black Stand-I have this one and highly recommend it.  It comes in different sizes and colors and looks very modern and sleek.

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