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Expensive Looking Evil Eye Jewelry For Less!

Evil Eye jewelry is all the rage right now and I’m dripping in it. Not because I’ve spent a ton of money but because I’ve found some incredibly, irresistible pieces for way less. In this post, I’m rounding up some unique and cheap jewelry that rivals more expensive pieces that I think you’ll love! Plus, get a history lesson on what this little charm actually means…

Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of evil eye jewelry on my social media feed. I love to check out jewelry so I often will research different retailers when I see something I like. I’ve seen my fair share of gorgeous evil eye jewelry that is incredibly expensive. I wear a lot of evil eye jewelry myself and have found that the evil eye charm appeals to my boho fashion sense. Jewelry is definitely a personal preference but whether it’s for everyday wear or special occasions, it should be an expression of your personality. From a simple pair of earrings to a colorful pendant necklace, adding an evil eye to your look will add a boho/global flair!

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But First, What Does Wearing an Evil Eye Mean?

An evil eye is an ancient symbol of great cultural significance in various countries, namely Greece. It is a symbol of protection and is thought to be a shield against negative energy brought on by someone’s enemy. The little eye is actually called the Nazar and was worn or displayed in a home to protect against a jealous person who is envious of someone else’s wealth, possessions or beauty but it includes protection from all malice directed at someone by someone else. It was believed that if someone gives you the “evil eye”, they put a curse on you. However, if you are wearing the eye, you may be protected.

What is interesting about this ancient ritual of protection is also the belief in the power of the eyes. It is believed that someone can harm another person simply by glaring at them. When someone experiences a headache, stomachache, fatigue or anxiety, it is believed that this could be a sign that someone has cursed you with their eyes.

Wearing the eye not only represents protection, it also represents seeing beyond what is visible.

The “evil eye” typically consists of an outer cobalt blue circle with an inner white circle, an inner light blue circle and then a black dot in the middle representing the pupil.

The Nazar or “evil eye” dates back at the least to the Egyptians but is possibly more ancient than that. Their eye looked different than the Mediterranean eye we are talking about today but the concept was the same.

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So is the evil eye actually evil? No. It’s the opposite of evil and it’s name can be very confusing! The evil eye symbol protects a person against someone’s evil intentions towards you. It is not believed to hold any power of evil back towards the wrong doer but to only shield the wearer of the charm. I believe that over the centuries, the name of the amulet got lost in translation and somehow got called an evil eye instead of what it actually is. It is also important to note that the evil comes from a human, not a supernatural force.

Should a Christian wear an evil eye as jewelry? Christians typically wear crosses and believe that our ultimate protector is God so wearing a pagan symbol from another culture may seem contradictory.  For me, wearing a little eye for decoration is a nod to a foreign culture’s belief. The eye is simply a pretty symbol rich in cultural tradition that represents self protection and awareness of things unseen. I respect the symbolism it holds but do not place power into it by believing an eye is protecting me from mean people. While the belief in the protection of the Nazar was typically intermingled with praying to Jesus and Mary for many Greeks and Italians, I wear it solely for how it looks.

Now that we know the history of the charm, it’s up to you to decide if it’s a symbol you’d like to wear.

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Affordable Evil Eye Jewelry That Looks Expensive:

I’ve rounded up quite a collection of evil eye jewelry pieces that will shock you when you see the price tag. In fact, everything I’ve included in this post is under $30! I’ve found various styles from yellow gold to sterling silver. Every piece I found has the look of fine jewelry but the pieces are actually a fraction of the cost. Not only is this evil eye jewelry collection affordable, each piece is unique and has a high end look. In fact, several of the pieces I own and can vouch for the quality and specialness of each piece.

  1. Selenichast Evil Eye Necklace
  2. Smilebelle Evil Eye Necklace
  3. ADLSTIGH Evil Eye Necklace
  4. Gold-Color Cross-Border New Turkish Blue Eye Necklace
  5. Stainless Steel Gold Necklace
  6. Gold Rhinestone Evil Eye Necklace
  7. Evil Eye & Geometric Shape Pendant Necklace
  8. White Evil Eye Diamond Heart Necklace
  9. Light Blue Evil Eye Tennis Bracelet
  10. Snake Chain Bracelet with Evil Eyes
  11. Turquoise Evil Eye Bracelet
  12. Simple Evil Eye Bracelet
  13. White Evil Eye Bracelet
  14. Red & White Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
  15. Gold Turquoise and Diamond Stud Earrings
  16. Silver Opal and Sapphire Evil Eye Earrings
  17. Gold Evil Eye Heart Charm Earrings
  18. Simple Evil Eye Studs
  19. 3-Piece Evil Eye Dainty Rings
  20. Simple Gold Evil Eye Ring with Sapphire and Diamonds
  21. Silver and Gold Thick Ring with Dangling Evil Eye

The pieces I’ve linked are from Amazon and Shein. I can vouch for many of the Shein pieces I’ve linked because I own them. Shein has incredibly cheap jewelry and some of it is very low quality but I’ve found that many pieces are unique and actually good quality for the pennies you spend. A Shein shipment takes about 7-10 days to be delivered.

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Evil Eye Necklaces:

Evil Eye Rings:

Evil Eye Earrings:

Evil Eye Bracelets:

Each piece is perfect for an everyday look and will enhance your personal style.

Don’t forget, these evil eye jewelry pieces make great gifts that won’t break the bank! Which is your favorite?

xx, Jenni


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