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The Best Man Cave Wall Art

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make a man cave manly yet stylish, wall decor can make or break a room. Wall art is a big part of man cave decor and can not only represent the man that spends time in his cave but also add a stylish element.  Man cave wall decor doesn’t have to consists of dart boards, animal heads and framed jerseys. Oh no! It can be so much classier than that yet still be masculine enough to gain approval of the man of the cave.

I’ve rounded up quite a few digital prints via Etsy that can be printed in various sizes that will give any man cave, game room or den a vibe that makes you think an International man of mystery spends his evenings there sipping bourbon, smoking cigars and solving the world’s problems while playing chess.

Let’s be honest, women decorating their man’s “man cave” can be a bit of a joke-It sure is around our house! We don’t have a basement or extra tucked away space to dedicate an area that isn’t central to the rest of the house so our den needed to look like it belongs to the rest of the house. While I wanted my husband to have a space he could go to watch movies and sports or even have friends over, I knew I’d need to decorate it myself.

Our “man cave” is actually our garage we converted to a den and serves as a family room as well. As you may have noticed, I like to decorate my home, it gives me infinite amounts of joy so while I’ll always give my husband priority when it comes to using that room, I’m still going to decorate it how I like. I worked really hard to make it a masculine room infused with a retro vibe and a whole lot of style. Is he happy with my decor choices? Yes, I think so. Will he admit it fully, NO.

Below are the Etsy downloads I chose for our man cave several years ago. However, after compiling new prints for this post, I’m inspired to make a few changes!

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Along with these prints, I added in some DIY abstract art that pulled out the greens and blues of some of the prints.

How to Print Art Cheaply!

Almost every piece of art I chose for this post is a digital download from Etsy. Meaning, you pay around $3-$8 and the seller sends you a file that you download to your computer. From there you can choose a way to print the download and choose which sizes you’d like.

I typically use Walgreen’s to print my art They have coupons often and most of the time can print in less than an hour. I go to their online site, decide which sizes I need, indicate which store I’ll be picking it up at and an hour later I pop in the store, survey my prints and pay. It’s so easy. They have print, poster and even canvas options.

At the moment, everything is 50% off and canvases are 60% off.

A 24×36 poster (printed within an hour) is $31.99 but with the 50% off it comes to $16.

I typically find frames at MIchaels and Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby has their frames marked down 50% every other week!

Man Cave Wall Art Ideas:

Below I have curated a  group of prints that would all work well together or look great separately. From photos from the iconic Slim Aarons to famous mug shots to abstract art-there isn’t a shade of femininity in sight (well, not really). I did include a stunning photo of Elizabeth Taylor that might be a wild card but what a great contrast when next to an eclectic mix of maps, famous singers and even a target practice print!

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  1. The Overlook Hotel was the famous hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s, The Shining with Jack Nicholson. I believe it still exists in Estes Park Colorado today. I love the retro look of this poster. This is the only print I found on Amazon in this post. It is actually a 24×36 poster you do not have to print yourself.
  2. This photo is by Slim Aarons who gained popularity in the 1960’s-70’s by depicting the upper class doing upper class things. Think celebrities, jet setters and socialites vacationing. He’s one of my favorite go-tos for art and has many prints that would work well in a man cave!
  3. This colorful map of London is a nice departure from photos and portraits. It’s reminiscent of abstract art and represents my favorite city. Of course this seller has maps of all large cities.
  4. What a gorgeous photo of Elizabeth Taylor-it’s mesmerizing!
  5. Another photo from Slim Aarons.
  6. Adding a target practice print is quirky yet edgy and cool enough most men will feel good about it being on their wall.
  7. I love this weird yet cool print by Andy Warhol of Mick Jagger.
  8. Good ole’ Roger Moore. Love this photo and it’s unexpected. His famous black and white of him in a tux drinking a martini is a bit overdone (shown in the above collage of my prints). We have it in our man cave and I’m thinking of switching it for this one.
  9. Johnny Cash’s mug shot is one of the better mug shots if you ask me. What a redemption story!
  10. Frank Sinatra deserves a spot on the wall and I love the colors in this record print. Plus, he looks so handsome in this print!
  11. This blue and white map of New York City is another great way to mix photography and art with a map.
  12. I couldn’t resist this black and white with Fleetwood Mac’s famous words from their song, The Chain.
  13. My husband was a bit of a hiker when I met him and planned on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Boy did I spoil that plan! I thought this map of the actual trail was quite pretty with the blues and greens.
  14. Bauhaus is a German school of art from 1919-1933 where loads upon loads of abstract art took place. Etsy is full of Bauhaus prints and they all typically have a masculine tone.
  15. Rumors is one of the best albums of all time and this record poster is a fun way to mix things up while exhibiting good taste in music!

I found another funny yet possibly amazing option from Slim Aarons. Boy does it scream the 70’s! It’s a large size photo I found via Google so it can be saved for a print.

Save the photos below for printing if you are interested. I could not find digital downloads of Slim Aarons but found these on Google. They are large sizes so they should print well.

Slim Aarons: Lady Daphne Cameron (Mrs George Cameron) on a tiger skin rug in the trophy room at socialite Laddie Sanford’s home in Palm Beach, Florida.
Slim Aarons-1959: Babe Paley (Mrs William Paley) by the pool. Her husband, William Paley is snapping the photographer at their cottage, Round Hill, Jamaica. A Wonderful Time – Slim Aarons (Photo by Slim Aarons/Getty Images)

I hope you found this post helpful! Even if you aren’t looking to decorate a man cave, all of the prints I chose would look great in any part of the home!

xx, Jenni

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