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Playlist: A Fresh Year

It’s 2020 and I’m spinning with a new lease on life!  That’s what I love about a new year-it’s like everything has been washed cleaned.  The reset button has been pushed and it’s time to go with new ideas.  There’s a freshness once you recover from the chaos that is often the holidays and a new chance to grow & improve!

Of course I’ve got a new playlist that I must say is random, as usual but it’s been delighting me for a month now and I’m happy to share it with you!

I wish I knew who the artist is that painted the art above.  It’s so perfect for this mix.  I love every detail about it!

xx, Jenni


2 thoughts on “Playlist: A Fresh Year”

  1. Thanks, for the playlist. It’s fun to find new music and artists. As I tend to listen to the same songs a lot. 2020 does feel like a fresh start😍

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