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The Best Spooky Decor from My Home Over the Years…

Fall is such an exciting season. Many great joys in life come in the fall for me personally. I love scary movies, cooler weather, warm drinks (an at-home pumpkin spice latte or healthy hot chocolate is my go-to), flannels and gorgeous fall foliage! There’s just something about fall that is so cozy and welcoming. I’ll take cozy rainy weather over a hot summer sun any day.

I have always found great beauty in dark, mysterious objects. There’s nothing more alluring than nature and that includes the part of nature that evokes curiosity and even fear. I believe in angels and demons, good vs. evil and dark to light. There’s great beauty in eeriness and mystery.

Decorating for Halloween has always been a creative outlet for me. I have been known to stick to a theme in my earlier days of decorating which included a New Orleans/swamp theme, a vampire theme, a witch theme and a creepy crawly theme. I was a bit more dark before kids and did not document when I really went all out which is a little unfortunate but also a god thing because I’m pretty sure most of it would make me cringe today.

Some years I’ve found Halloween decorating challenging and laborious and find myself constantly editing my space and other years it’s been a cinch and the inspiration flows easily. Throughout my many years of blogging, I have shared my Halloween decor on my other blog and today I’m rounding up the best moments worth repeating.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to create space in your home that blurs the line between fantasy and reality.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed a look into past years of my Halloween decor. Share below how you enjoy decorating for the spooky season! I could use some inspiration for this year!!

xx, Jenni