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Dainty Jewelry on Amazon

Dainty jewelry is so the rage right now. What I’ve noticed is that the daintier the piece, the higher the price. I’ve been admiring ear huggies and delicate rings from many different brands but passed on purchasing due to the expense. I happened to stumble upon some gorgeous, unique and very delicate earrings on Amazon that were in the $10 range so I thought I would explore further to see if I could find high end looking jewelry for way less! Low and behold I found more items then I could fit on this page! Enjoy!

  1. Diamond Ring
  2. Crescent Necklace
  3. Evil Eye Choker
  4. Evil Eye Necklace
  5. Eternity Band
  6. Sapphire Heart Ring
  7. Aquamarine Ring
  8. Diamond Baguette Ring
  9. Coin and Cross Bracelet
  10. Evil Eye Bracelet
  11. Star Earrings
  12. Spike Diamond Huggies
  13. Diamond Point Huggies
  14. Moon Earrings
  15. Snake Huggies

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